my favorite features from the eloqua winter ’14 release

It’s that time of year again, the Eloqua Winter 2014 release is upon us. There are some exciting updates coming in the Winter ’14 release, here are a few of our favorites:

1. Incorporate your display advertising directly into your campaigns. This was previously known as Adfocus/Bizo and was accomplished via a cloud connector. It’s not being rolled out as an add-on feature for basic users and a standard feature for standard and enterprise users. We’ve done a few implementations of the cloud connector for clients and think the power contained by incorporating your display ads into your Eloqua campaigns is immense!  We look forward to seeing the great results that this feature will continue to drive for customers.

2. Enhanced revenue dashboards – really who doesn’t love better analytics! With the advent of Insight and Analyzer licenses Eloqua put the power in their users hands, with this release you can look forward to some great new reports on campaign velocity, campaign value and reach as well as ROI. If you don’t have closed-loop reporting you’ll miss out on these great reports, but it’s yet another reason why moving towards that closed-loop generates such value for your business.
3. Advances in security and management will allow you to grant permissions to images, shared content and shared filters. No more worrying about whether or not the right teams have access to the right images (or do not have access to out of date images), you can now restrict access to things much more granularly than before.

4. A unique beta feature will allow you to store contact records without an email address. While you’ll have to seek access to the beta through support or your Eloqua/Oracle Account Manager, it will finally provide an answer to how to keep lists for direct gmail, social, mobile or advertising efforts that lack an email address.

5. For all the process oriented people in the audience, another beta to watch is campaign review and approvals. Another one of those bucket-list features we’ve all wanted – the ability to approve, review and manage the process of campaign creation. To read more about the campaign approvals beta, check out:

6.  The last feature set we’re eagerly awaiting are the new admin tools for Profiler and Engage. Both answer many open questions from Eloqua users around configuration and enablement. On the Profiler side, you will gain the ability to customize the data being displayed inside your CRM. On the Engage side, you gain the ability to restrict batch sizes, add attachments to emails, and make personal templates private. Lots more detail is available on Topliners:
Which features are you most excited about?


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